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Enhanced Leadership Program (ELP)

ACEC Virginia presents the Enhanced Leadership Program to develop exceptional leaders needed to grow a company and create a thriving, productive, and profitable business. Through a proactive process that produces emotional intelligence and achieves behavioral change, the five elements for leadership skills can be taught, coached, and enhanced.

What is the Enhanced Leadership Program?
An extended program over nine months with eight formal training sessions to change mindset and behavior in the following areas:

• Applying leadership principles
• Understanding yourself and others as a leader
• Communicating to motivate
• Leading difficult/strong-willed people and leading in conflict situations
• Leading change – motivating individual change; leading organizational change
• Empowering and growing others – delegating, coaching, mentoring, empowering
• Taking and controlling personal/career risk
• Inspiring leadership in others and creating a leadership culture
• Creating a well-defined personal vision
• Defining a personal leadership style
• Creating a personal longer-term plan to continue growing leadership skills
• An individual, one-on-one counseling/mentoring session with each participant

Our current 2022-2023 Enhanced Leadership Program - Class of 2023

Natasha Chernault ACEC Virginia
Morgan Ramsey AMT
William Eschenfelder Delta Airport Consultants
David Hustead Froehling & Robertson
Clyde Simmons Froehling & Robertson
Brendan Quirk Froehling & Robertson
Paul Bryan Froehling & Robertson
Simon Mueller Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams
David (Dave) Noland Mason & Hanger
Mark Durham Mason & Hanger
T. Brett Prillaman Mason & Hanger
David Hughley Mason & Hanger
David Carpenter Schnabel Engineering

Email Marchelle Albertson, for more information

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