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About ACEC Virginia

ACEC Virginia is the largest engineering firm association in the state and can help Build Your Business, whether you are a large engineering firm or a one-person shop. We are made up of independent engineering firms representing more than 5,000 employees throughout Virginia.

Large or small, engineering firms often face the same business issues such as health insurance, government affairs, human resource needs, PDH requirements, best business practices, and the need for laws conducive to maintaining a thriving engineering industry in Virginia. ACEC Virginia brings together engineering firms of all sizes to provide business support, networking, education and advocacy. Through ACEC Virginia membership, engineering firms are offered the opportunity to connect with others in their industry and tackle the issues that the engineering community faces together.

Build Your Business

OUR MISSION: ACEC Virginia advocates for a positive regulatory and business environment for consulting engineering firms by providing leadership, education, and programmatic support to expand and sustain their businesses.

OUR CORE PURPOSE: ACEC Virginia is an indispensable partner to Virginia's engineering companies to support them in building their businesses.

More Than 10x ROI

Our members placed a dollar value on each of the services we offer. The total Return-On-Investment equals 10 times the cost of membership! Member benefits, as quantified by current members, amounts to over $50,000 for an average size firm, or over 10 times the cost of membership! A one person firm membership costs about $400 with a sliding scale discount for larger firms as low as $40 per employee. The price of membership is quite the deal, one you can’t pass up!

Board Range of Services

Our services include:​

  • Legislative Advocacy/Engineering Companies of VA PAC
  • Conferences/Education
  • COVID-19 Related Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Networking
  • Peer referrals
  • Professional Development
  • Staff Support

ACEC Virginia Strategic Plan


• Proactive and effective advocate
• Trusted source for policymakers
• Provider of accessible education and meaningful connection
• Proponent for interest and pride in the profession
• Champion for diversity and inclusion
• Indispensable ally for firm leaders

Review the 2021-2023 ACEC Virginia Strategic Plan HERE.


"There’s an old adage that you get out of something whatever you put into it. I think we can easily relate that to our careers. But it’s most applicable, I think, to those things we don’t get a direct, monetary reward for – volunteer organizations. Just showing up is one way to participate in professional organizations, but real participation requires effort – an effort that pays back in multiples of the effort expended."

Michael Matthews, PE
Froehling & Robertson

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