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Annual Report

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Wow, what a whirlwind year and a half this has been! The human race’s ability to adapt to its environment has allowed our species to survive and overcome and thrive in the challenges this world has thrown out at us over the millennia. “Resiliency” is the latest buzzword in our industry, and there is no better word to describe how ACEC Virginia and our member firms have responded and adapted to the numerous challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented us this time. We have all learned how to work remotely (more effectively than many of us thought possible) and embraced technology in ways that will forever change the way we work. At ACEC Virginia, we shifted our meetings, training sessions, and conferences to virtual settings. But as a result of this, we were also able to partner with ACEC National to establish a platform for providing online on-demand courses that will significantly increase access to these events to more of our members. In addition to our annual spring Congressional fly-in meetings, we could schedule Zoom meetings with most of our Congressional delegation this year. This opportunity gave our members more direct face-to-face time with their elected Congressman/ Congresswoman and Senators to share the interest and concerns of our industry. There are many other similar challenges we have faced with COVID and how we have rebounded, adapted, and came out better and stronger than before. As engineers, we are used to facing challenges, solving problems, and finding solutions that make the world a better place for all, and this has been no different with how we have dealt with and will continue to deal with, COVID!

Read more from our 2021-2022 ACEC Virginia President, Eric Burke, Moffat & Nichol in the Annual Report.

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