• Volunteer Committees and Sub Committees

  • Advocacy Committee

    This committee shall provide advocacy on behalf of the engineering industry and establish rapport with pertinent governmental agencies. Members of this committee shall represent ACEC/VA on the Joint Legislative Committee (JLC), a joint committee of ACEC/VA and VSAIA. Meets as needed throughout the year. 

    • Chair: Tim (T.A.) Groover
    • Ex-officio: Courtney Beamon
    • Members: Eric Burke, Ronald G. Helton, Jeffrey Lighthiser, David Maruskin, Peter W. O'Hara, Valerie Reid, Bruce Sadler, Donald Sipher

    ​Education Committee

    This committee shall provide continuing education for firm employees and promote engineering in schools of the Commonwealth. Meets 4-6 times each year. 

    • Chair: Janet Webster
    • Ex-officio: Jeffrey Ganthner
    • Members: David Barlow, Robert Burkholder, Michael A. Matthews, Gilbert Seese, Patreace Thornton, Richard Zong

    Sub Committee - ​​Professional Development
    Provide programs, including topics and speakers required for meetings of the Council. Meets 4-6 times each year.

    Sub Committee - ​​Virginia Engineers Conference Committee
    Assist in selection of speakers and topics; solicit sponsors/exhibitors for this event. Meets monthly or as needed.

    Finance Committee

    Implement the financial policy established by the executive board, prepare the annual budget, and audit the accounts of the Council.  Meets 1-2 times each year.

    • Chair: Jared Jamison
    • Ex-officio: Robert Burkholder
    • Members: Ronald Helton, Jeffrey Lighthiser, Peter O'Hara, Jesse Wastler
  • Membership Committee

    This committee shall pursue prospects to apply for membership, encourage members to bring in new members, encourage attendance by new and current members at meetings and events, and help new members become active quickly in the Council. Meets on a regular basis throughout the year.

    • Chair: Chadd Yeatts
    • Ex-officio: Donald Booth
    • Members: Matthew Gough, Donald Sipher, Jenni Szabo, Chadd Yeatts

    Sub Committee - ​​Next Generation Committee
    Represent young professionals within member firms, promote increased participation in Council activities, increase diversity in participation, and provide a young professional perspective to various activities of the Council.

    Political Action Committee (PAC)

    This committee develops funding opportunities for both the ACEC/PAC and the Engineering Companies of Virginia PAC (ECV/PAC) to support advocacy efforts on the state and national level.

    • Chair: Donald Booth
    • Ex-officio: Jeffrey Lighthiser
    • Members: T.A. (Tim) Groover, Benjamin Lilly, Mark McGuire, Richard Zong

    Transportation Committee

    Work with state officials and keep members informed on transportation issues. Work with staff to set up networking avenues with key VDOT personnel.

    • Chair: Kurt Zebley
    • Co-Chair: Julie Hartman
    • Ex-officio: Paul Anderson
    • Members: Ken Anderson, Eric Burke, Scott Cocherell, Tim Copeland, Daniel Davis, David Gehr, Glenda Gibson, Carl Hultgran, Mitchell Johnson, Scott Lovell, Elliott Mandel, Mark McGuire, Jeff McKay, Timothy Mullins, Morteza Salehi, Terry Snow, John Stuart, Murphy Tuomey, Zachary Weddle, Randy Wirt, Lynette Wuensch, Chadd Yeatts
  • Appointed Committees

  • Executive Committee

    Nominating Committee

    Review the financial and other arrangements between the Council and the Executive Director each year, and recommend any action it deems necessary to the Finance Committee.

    • Chair: Robert Burkholder
    • Ex-officio: Paul Diggs
    • Members: Jeffrey Lighthiser

    Sub Committee - Fellows
    Recommend to the Executive Board members who are eligible, in accordance with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) requirements, to become ACEC Fellows and submit to ACEC nominees approved by the Executive Board.

    Advise the membership 30 days prior to the Winter Meeting the nominations of candidates to be elected to the Executive Board.

    • Chair: Benjamin Lilly
    • Ex-officio: 
    • Members: T.A. (Tim) Groover, Jeffrey Lighthiser, Bruce Sadler, Don Sipher
  • Special Interest Group (SIG)

    Structural Engineers Association of Virginia, SEAVa

    The Structural Engineers Association of Virginia, SEAVa is an association of structural engineers or are individuals associated with the practice of structural engineering. SEAVa is a special interest group of ACEC/VA however, membership is separate. Click here to learn more about SEAVa!

    • Chair: Donna Adams
    • Vice Chair: Lisa McGurty
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Shane Fowler
    • Immediate Past Chair: Earl Inge
    • Board Members: Jeffrey Davis, Paul Gagnon, Jackie Miller




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