• The Eye of the Storm

  • ACEC/VA Government Affairs Update

    March 1, 2017

  • These are unusual times when it comes to ACEC Virginia Government Affairs.

    Things have been pretty quiet in Richmond during this short session of the General Assembly. We’ve monitored activity on dozens of bills that might have affected the industry. These run the gamut. Transportation funding, Qualifications Based Selection, licensure issues, stormwater, procurement practices, sustainability tax credits. You name it and we’ve been watching it.

    Thankfully, nothing has really bubbled up to the surface this year as a major concern. This is probably due to a number of factors.

    This is Governor McAuliffe’s last session. Virginia was one of a handful of states that were in the “competitive” category for the highly divisive 2016 presidential election. The Commonwealth went to the Democrats. Yet the Republican presidential victory along with the Republican held General Assembly appears to have kept the Democrat Governor from gaining much momentum on his more substantive agenda items. The near balanced Senate has kept the Republicans from gaining much momentum on their side.  Virginia will hold statewide elections this fall along with the entire House of Delegates. That should be fun to watch.

    All of this apparent calm in Virginia when just up the road in Washington there is nothing short of a hurricane of activity.

    P.S.  ACEC Virginia representatives head to Capitol Hill in late April to lobby Congress on behalf of ACEC. Wish us luck!

  • Written by

    T.A. (Tim) Groover, PE
    Chair, ACEC/VA Government Affairs Committee