• President's Corner

    November 1, 2016

  • In the President’s Corner from July, we gave you an update about the board’s effort toward revising the organization’s strategic plan. Since that update we have made some significant progress thanks to the dedicated effort from Roy Sebring (McKinney & Company). We have reviewed a first draft of our revised bylaws, which should streamline and simplify that document. Other than making that governing document more efficient we also want to make sure that we are helping the organization become easier to govern and more nimble. The primary way we hope to do that is by taking several of the committee structures out of the bylaws and putting them into an operating manual where they can be formed and/or reshaped so that they can respond to the directions set by the strategic plan revision and issues in the engineering business climate.  

    The concept right now is that leadership would have a biennial planning meeting where goals and objectives would be identified that align with the three pillars of the strategic plan; Advocacy, Education, and Build your Business.  Each of those goals or objectives would be organized under those pillars and assigned to a committee, sub-committee, or strategic initiative group (SIG). With well-defined goals and objectives, these teams can solicit member participation for assignments that have meaningful impact on what the organization can achieve for the good of the engineering community.

    One of the overarching goals of this reorganization is to increase member engagement, not limit committee participation. We believe if we have well defined committee or SIG goals and assignments that members are more likely to raise their hand to help. Members will also be more likely to see their contribution to fruition with this structure. 

    We have some work to do, but based on our meetings last week it is clear that the board is engaged and excited about creating some meaningful change. As always, we welcome your input. Please reach out to me, the staff, or anyone on the board with suggestions or comments.



  • Written by

    Paul E. Diggs
    ACEC Virginia President
    Schnabel Engineering