• President's Corner

    March 1, 2017

  • We are only a week away from the Winter Meeting at the Greenbrier.  If you haven’t signed up it is not too late. There are two meaningful learning experiences available on Friday and Saturday mornings and the venue offers lots of extras. I hope to see you there. 

    The gathering begins on Thursday afternoon with the Board Meeting. If you recall the November edition of the President’s Corner we made a good bit of progress revamping our dated bylaws. Roy Sebring, McKinney and Company, did a thorough once over and Hobie Andrews has graciously offered the services  of Vandeventer Black LLP to review and simplify those suggested changes. At the October Board Meeting we laid out the framework for improving the organizational structure of ACEC/VA.  Going forward, we will be reviewing and discussing a draft “Policy Manual” which is the next step in making us more nimble and responsive to the ever changing business climate for engineering companies. These changes will be directed toward keeping our focus on the three goals:

    Advocacy – ACEC/VA is the voice of the consulting engineering community in Virginia

    Education – ACEC/VA provides education, leadership opportunities and training to shape the future of the engineering industry in Virginia

    Business – ACEC/VA provides resources/tools for members to grow their business

    We encourage your input. The goal of these revisions is to make it easier for members to participate in the organization. We hope to have the revamped bylaws and a draft Policy Manual available for member comment before our Annual Conference in June. Please reach out to me, the staff, or anyone on the board if you have specific ideas or would like to participate in refining this new plan.   

  • Written by

    Paul E. Diggs
    ACEC Virginia President
    Schnabel Engineering