• President's Corner

    December 1, 2016

  • I love Thanksgiving. Great food, good drink, and I made it through one more edition of the family football game without having to go to the orthopedist. I get to play golf on Saturday so that I don’t have to watch the Tech v UVa football game, and college basketball is in full swing, which is way more fun for us Wahoos. But most importantly I get to sit around the family table with both of my sisters and almost all of our children and truly appreciate the blessing of a happy, healthy family.

    However, not long after the weekend is over, and that long weekend goes by quickly, the stress of the next holiday starts to creep in. There are stressors at work related to year end responsibilities and all of the holiday events you are expected to attend. There are obligations at home related to managing children’s expectations and making sure you remember the school concerts and neighborhood get togethers. And those are all before you think about shopping. Perhaps you can relate.

    Whenever I start to feel that stress I reflect back to the Thanksgiving table and I remind myself of the blessings I have. I remember that at each of those holiday events I am expected to attend I see people, in an atmosphere and under circumstances that only happen once each year. That reflection helps remind me that there are so many folks out there that have real reasons to feel stress, particularly during the holiday season. Those kinds of thoughts, and some volunteer work that I do, help me remember to keep things in perspective.  

    So, if you have similar feelings during this holiday season, I hope you can find your way to put those feelings into perspective. Lending a hand to someone less fortunate helps, and it is good for the soul. May the grace and beauty of the season help us all remember what is important.

    Happy Holidays!



  • Written by

    Paul E. Diggs, PE
    ACEC/VA President

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