• Presidents Corner

    August 1, 2016


    ACEC/VA is run by volunteers.  I know, you thought Nancy, Cassie, and Natasha ran ACEC/VA, but while it is true that they do all of the hard work, the organization really depends on dedicated members like you to pitch in.  I am sure you have all seen the email request with the COMMITTEE SIGN UP link.  Doing your part is as simple as clicking on that link and requesting a spot on any committee that interests you.  You will reap the benefits of connecting with peers, lending your talent, developing or honing new skills, and ultimately helping the organization that supports your livelihood. Follow the links above to see a complete list of volunteer committees and complete the Committee Service Form today!

    My first opportunity with ACEC/VA was on the Virginia Engineer’s Conference (VEC) Committee and throughout that year I experienced firsthand how much hard work it takes to get events planned and executed.  I interacted with folks in the broader engineering community that I would not necessarily have gotten to meet in my normal course of work.  I also reconnected with some peers that I had not seen in a while; and received a real sense of accomplishment after the successful conclusion of those conferences.  

    As I look back on that I recall that I didn’t really volunteer, I got volunteered; and as a member of “Senior Management” (that just means old) I encourage other senior managers to “volunteer” some of your promising staff.  We all know that sometimes it takes some encouragement to extend ourselves into opportunities that may seem outside of our comfort zone.  The prospect of learning new (non-technical) things and meeting new people, might make some engineers a little nervous.  Volunteering for, and then actively participating in an ACEC/VA committee can help you get past that and expand your personal and professional horizons. Take a chance.



  • Written By:

    Paul E. Diggs
    ACEC/VA President

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