• Members News - May 2016

  • Dewberry News

    Dewberry was selected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for its geospatial products and services contract (GPSC) in support of the National Geospatial Program (NGP). Based on the firm’s National Enhanced Elevation Assessment Study, USGS initiated the 3-D Elevation Program (3DEP) in response to the growing need for high-quality topographic data and 3-D representations of natural and constructed features across the nation. 

    Dewberry has hired Jeffrey Ambrose, CSP, CHST, CET, as the director of safety in the firm’s Fairfax, Virginia, office. In this role, Ambrose will support Dewberry’s safety compliance. He has more than 38 years of construction safety experience and will be responsible for assisting each department with best safety practices. Prior to joining Dewberry, Ambrose worked as a safety manager for various construction companies overseeing employee training programs, helping project management teams with safety responsibilities, and working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

  • Draper Aden Associates News

    Draper Aden Associates announced Francis A. Burke, III has been selected as an outside board member for a seat on the firm’s Board of Directors. Mr. Burke is the Executive Vice President of Faulconer Construction Company in Charlottesville, VA. “Fran’s leadership and management skills, couple with his knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic construction industry, will make him a great advisor to Draper Aden’s strategic team,” said President and CEO Jeff Lighthiser.

    Draper Aden Associates also announced Timothy A. Cretney has been named the Chief Financial Officer for the firm. Tim’s 30 years of experience include multiple financial positions in the resource management industry. “Tim brings a level of financial expertise that will ensure that the firm continues to grow and achieve even greater success,” said President and CEO Jeff Lighthiser. “He has a proven track record of successful business growth and with this addition, I am confident we have the management team in place that can take the firm to a much higher level.”

  • Dunbar Milby Williams Pittman & Vaughan Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    DMWPV celebrated their 50th anniversary on April 21 at the Science Museum of Virginia. The Richmond, Virginia based engineering firm was founded by Alvin W. Dunbar in July 1966. They now staff 18 registered structural engineers, three graduate engineers (EIT), two structural engineering technicians and three administrative personnel. 

    “We are proud and fortunate to have members like DMWPV. Their active involvement with ACEC/VA has allowed us to grow as an association”, said Nancy Israel, ACEC/VA Executive Director. “It was impressive to see so many people that have worked with DMWPV over the past 50 years. They know how to throw a great party too!”

  • Rice Associates, Inc. and Navigator CS, LLC Acquire Survey-Grade Unmanned Aircraft System

    Rice Associates, Inc. and its business partner, Navigator CS, LLC, recently acquired a senseFly eBee RTK Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), commonly known as a “drone,” to enhance their surveying and photogrammetry capabilities. “The eBee RTK is senseFly’s survey-grade mapping drone,” said Charlie Rice, Past President and Corporate Quality Control Manager of Rice Associates, Inc. “For specific projects the need for ground control targets can be reduced. And, depending upon the project requirements may be removed altogether.” 

    These innovations include the use of a built-in RTK-capable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antenna and the use of senseFly’s eMotion and PostFlight Terra 3D (powered by Pix4D) software to plan the mission and process the aerial images, respectively. “The post-processing software we use can produce high accuracy point clouds, DSMs and orthomosaics,” said Rice.