• 2016 Legislators of the Year

  • Each year ACEC Virginia recognizes legislators in the Commonwealth for their enduring commitment to representing and fighting for the interests of the engineering community.

  • 2016 Legislators of the Year

  • Delegate James LeMunyon (67th House District), representing Fairfax/Loudon Counties and Senator J. Chapman (Chap) Petersen (34th Senate District), representing Fairfax City/County, received this honor because of their commitment to economic development, good governance and solving the state’s transportation problems. ACEC Virginia will honor the two legislators at its annual Engineering Excellence Awards gala on February 4 at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

    “Building and maintaining Virginia’s infrastructure and fiscally sound governance are two very important issues facing the Commonwealth. We recognize legislators who understand these issues and will strive to protect them in the General Assembly,” explained Nancy Israel, Executive Director of ACEC Virginia. “Both legislators were on key committees for the passage of bills on term contracts, job order contracting (JOC), and cooperative procurement during the 2015 General Assembly”.

  • Delegate James LeMunyon

  • Del. LeMunyon was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2009 and currently serves on three committees; General Laws, Education and Transportation. He chairs the General Laws Subcommittee on Procurement and the Freedom of Information Act and is the Deputy Whip for the Republican majority and. He serves on five state sponsored commissions; Transportation Accountability, the Code Commission (Vice-Chair), the Freedom of Information Act Advisory Council (Vice-Chair), the SOL Innovation Committee, and the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission. 

  • Senator J. Chapman (Chap) Petersen

  • Sen. Petersen is one of 19 Democrats in the Virginia Senate and has served since 2008. He currently serves on four committees; Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Education and Health, General Laws and Technology Rehabilitation and Social Services. He also serves as the Senate's representative on a state commission on Energy and the Environment.   He began his career by serving on the Fairfax City Council (1998-2002) and then the Virginia House of Delegates (2002-2006).