• Government Affairs Committee Update

    Meeting with Congressman-Elect Tom Garrett

  • January 1, 2017

    ACEC Virginia Government Affairs Committee Chairman, Tim Groover, met with Congressman-Elect Tom Garrett and provided the following summary of his experience:

    The Congressman-Elect is generally in support of everything we are trying to do. There was not a single position we had that he disagreed with and most he agreed strongly with. The one main caveat is that he is very reluctant to approve of significant additional Federal Government spending if it would ”increase the deficit." Note that he did not say “increase the debt.” He realizes that we are a long way from a balanced budget. He doesn’t want to be voting for things that continue the spiral downward. He knows Trump has big plans for infrastructure and he is hopeful that economic growth can create revenue improvements that make the funding possible for him to vote for. Time will tell.

    He is awaiting committee assignments and is hopeful that one of his will be Transportation.

    Overall, about as positive as I could have hoped for from a newly elected Congressman who feels he has both and mandate and an obligation to get the Federal Government’s exorbitant spending habits under control.



  • Written by

    T.A. (Tim) Groover, PE
    Government Affairs Committee Chairman