• ECVPAC at Work

    July 28, 2017

  • On July 27th, Jeff Lighthiser of Draper Aden Associates represented ACEC/VA at a Williams Mullen briefing and reception for Dr. Ralph Northam, current Lieutenant Governor and candidate for Governor of Virginia. Dr. Northam expressed his commitment to supporting business growth in Virginia, even using ACEC/VA's tag line of wanting to “Build Your Business.” The candidate expressed optimism in regards to workforce, economic, and infrastructure development across the Commonwealth. He also stated a desire to work closely with businesses and practice an open-door policy throughout his administration.

    Paul Diggs of Schnabel Engineering and Nancy Israel, ACEC/VA Executive Director, joined Lighthiser for a general reception for the candidate. ACEC/VA representatives were able to have a few minutes with Dr. Northam to discuss QBS and explain its importance.