• Community Leaders Luncheon

  • Tim Groover, President and COO of Wiley|Wilson, attended a Community Leaders Luncheon with Congressman Goodlatte during the Congressional recess. ACEC Virginia members are encouraged to take advantage of these types of opportunities to interact with elected representatives at all levels of government. The event included informal interaction, comments by Congressman Goodlatte, and open Q&A.

    "The forum did not afford detailed discussion of ACEC concerns" said Tim Groover, ACEC Virginia's Government Affairs Committee Chair. "It did however present an excellent opportunity to tee up these discussions in advance of the planned Congressional visits during the ACEC National Convention in DC in April."

    The Congressman's comments included the Supreme Court vacancy, recent right to privacy concerns related to Apple, the 2016 election, the growing national debt, and the general public frustration with Washington political gridlock.