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  • ACEC and VDOT Senior Leadership Meeting

    July 25, 2017

  • ACEC Virginia and Metropolitan Washington's Transportation Committees gathered with Senior Leadership from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for a meeting to discuss current trends within the industry and agency initiatives. Attendance from VDOT included Commissioner Charles Kilpatrick, Chief Deputy Commission Quintin Elliot, Chief Engineer Garrett Moore, Deputy Chief Engineer Mohammad Mirshahi and Division Administrator for the Alternative Project Delivery Division, Shailendra Patel. 

    The discussion covered broad topics, including the national infrastructure program and statewide funding vehicles to more specific items like CEI rates, OpenRoads Design Software, and Title VI re-certification.

    A few of the highlights from the meeting are as follows:

    • VDOT does not anticipate any changes to their base FHWA funds received. The TIGER program is going away and the new funding program will be INFRA. Virginia is to receive approximately 3% of the $1.5 billion for the INFRA program. There are no bills yet in the Federal program that significantly increase revenue. 
    • State transportation revenue is stable but not growing. The General Assembly will be considering legislation to establish a floor for HRTAC and NVTA revenue.
    • Preliminary discussions are underway concerning regional entities like Fredericksburg, Richmond, Salem, and Lynchburg pursuing funding like HRTAC and NVTA.
    • At the request of the Transportation Committee, VDOT will investigate the possibility of consultants submitting Title VI re-certifications on a two year basis instead of annually.  
    • Twenty-five major structures within the state will need significant repairs or will reach their expected life span in the near future. VDOT anticipates a separate funding package to address this issue. Since VDOT has made significant progress in completing restorative maintenance for bridge rehabilitation work, they anticipate a shift to preventative maintenance. Consultants can expect to see GEC's used on large projects or serving in a programmatic role for a region. It is not anticipated that GEC's will be used on mega projects again.