• ACEC/PAC Update - January 1, 2017

  • We met our 2016 ACEC/PAC fundraising goal of $21,794 and joined over 30 other states across the country. ACEC does exect to hit the $1 million mark this year. Thanks to all that contributed! 

    “The ACEC/PAC has contributed over $26,000 to local Virginia candidates on behalf of our A/E Consulting Engineering community,” said Donald Booth, the ACEC/PAC Virginia Chairman.  “It is through these ongoing efforts, by all members, that our voice is heard on key issues as it relates to funding bills for many of the infrastructure projects we all hope are part of a more robust investment at the national level. This includes all sectors including Transportation, Airports, Water, Wastewater, Defense, Energy.”

    2016 Contributors:

    Ken Anderson - Anderson & Associates, Inc.
    Victor Angell - Wiley|Wilson, Inc
    Courtney Beamon - Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
    Vince Benedetti - Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, L.L.P.
    Donald Booth- DJG, Inc.
    Kenneth Brammer- Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
    Maureen Brown - ACEC National Headquarters
    C. Eric Burke - Moffatt & Nichol
    Robert Burkholder - Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Richard Clark - Hankins & Anderson
    Roger Cronin - Greeley and Hansen LLC
    Jeffrey Davis - Dunbar Milby Williams Pittman & Vaughan
    Raymond DeStephen - Schnabel Engineering, Inc.
    Paul Diggs - Schnabel Engineering, Inc.
    Cecil Doyle - Doyle Properties LLC
    Gregory Ellen - Dunbar Milby Williams Pittman & Vaughan
    Samuel Estep - Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Janet Frazier - Draper Aden Associates, Inc.
    Katie Goodman - ACEC National Headquarters
    Matt Gough - Ames & Gough Insurance/Risk Management Inc.
    Tim Groover - Wiley|Wilson, Inc.
    Steve Hall - ACEC National Headquarters
    Julie Hartman - Stantec
    Ronald Helton - Thompson & Litton, Inc.
    Nancy Israel - ACEC/Virginia
    Jared Jamison - Hankins & Anderson
    Mitchell Johnson - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    David Jones - Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
    Garry Kiskinis - Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Kevin Kokal - Alliance Engineering, Inc.
    Charles Lamb - Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
    Carolyn Langelotti - Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, L.L.P.
    Susan Lankey - DJG, Inc.
    Monica Larsson - Bowman, Foster & Associates, P.C.
    Michael Lawless - Draper Aden Associates, Inc.
    Steve Lefton - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    Jeffrey Lighthiser - Draper Aden Associates, Inc.
    Angie Lilly - Hankins & Anderson
    Benjamin Lilly - Hankins & Anderson
    William Mackey - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    Elliott Mandel - Parsons
    John Mann - Mann & Associates, Inc.
    David Maruskin - Draper Aden Associates, Inc.
    Craig Matthews - Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, L.L.P.
    Michael Matthews - Hankins & Anderson
    Mark McGuire - Eden and Associates
    Neil McSweeney - Wiley|Wilson, Inc.
    Joseph  Adam - Mickiewicz    DJG, Inc.
    Peter O'Hara - ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
    John Ozmore - DJG, Inc.
    Frances Railey - Ames & Gough Insurance/Risk Management Inc.
    Bruce Sadler - Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, L.L.P.
    Roger Safford - Michigan Department of Transportation
    Lynn Schloesser - ACEC National Headquarters
    Donald Sipher - Froehling & Robertson, Inc.
    Kelli Stamm - Precision Measurements, Inc.
    Ross Stevens - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    Christopher Stone -  Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    John Stuart - Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Marie Ternieden - ACEC National Headquarters
    Patreace Thornton -  Hankins & Anderson
    Transystems Corporation PAC    
    Nancy Walker - McKinney & Company
    Janet Webster - Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Mark White - Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
    Michael Wiercinski -  A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc.
    C. Williams Dunbar - Milby Williams Pittman & Vaughan
    Franklyn  Wilson - McKinney & Company
    Rick Zong - Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson