• A Visit to the Sausage Factory

  • Several representatives from ACEC Virginia ventured to the sausage making capital of the world (the United States Congress) on April 19 during the ACEC National Convention. Following is a summary of the five main topics we advocated for during our visits:

    • Long range and sustainable transportation funding
    • An FAA reauthorization bill that boosts investment, promotes uniform procurement and auditing standards, and facilitates the use of unmanned aircraft systems (drones)
    • A consensus energy package that  will enhance America’s energy security and promote jobs and economic growth
    • A more reasonable increase of the overtime pay salary threshold than the currently proposed increase in those eligible for overtime pay from $23,600/year to $50,440/year, a 113% increase
    • Reducing the Department of Labor’s aggressive and punitive behaviors related to virtually unattainable affirmative action plan staffing goals and auditing processes

    ACEC’s efforts to be noticed on Capitol Hill are paying off.  We were able to meet personally with three different Congressmen (Goodlatte, Brat, and Connolly) and had face-to-face meetings with the key staff for several other House members and for both Senators Warner and Kaine.

  • So were the visits productive?  Absolutely!  Advocating on behalf of our profession is always productive even though tangible results are never immediately evident.  And as distasteful as the term “lobbying” has become, it still is a primary way organizations like ACEC can get a seat at the table.  And remember, if you are not seated at the table you are probably on the plate as part of the meal.

    What can you do to help?

    • Financially support both the ACEC Virginia and ACEC national PACs.
    • Personally get to know your local, state, and national elected representatives.  Elected officials are much more receptive to meeting with and hearing the views of actual constituents.
    • Participate in the many opportunities to advocate on behalf of our profession.

    Tim Groover, PE
    Chair, ACEC Virginia Government Affairs Committee

    P.S.  See you at the Annual Conference in Roanoke!

  • Written By:

    Tim Groover, PE
    Chair, ACEC Virginia Government Affairs Committee