• 2017 Hill Visits Recap
    From a Citizens Perspective

    May 4, 2017

  • Written by

    T.A. (Tim) Groover, PE
    Government Affairs Committee Chair

  • Representatives from ACEC Virginia headed to Capitol Hill in late April. If you want to save yourself some reading and experience a more entertaining take on how the visits went, you might try clicking on this link. 
    Congressional visits are always a bit foggy this early into a new administration but thanks to the commitment of ACEC members, we were able to bring focus to the interests of our profession. 

    Our task was to lobby Congress on behalf of ACEC’s positions on Infrastructure Spending and Tax Reform. These are two topics that receive relatively bipartisan support. Yet it was clear as we went from one meeting to another that everyone seemed largely confused as to what the order of priorities was going to be for the new administration. Even more confusing was how all that is being discussed fits into the context of severe deficit and national debt challenges.

    President Trump has made a large fortune keeping his competition off balance. Perhaps that is part of the overall strategy.  And clearly there are folks on The Hill (and throughout the country) that simply do not want to buy into any of his ideas. I heard Ben Stein say today that if Trump proposed the greatest healthcare plan in the world which included both coverage of pre-existing conditions and a new Cadillac for everyone, he would not get support from more than a handful of members of the opposing party.

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